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If you’re interested in a detailed evaluation of your motor skills and musculoskeletal function, a selective functional movement assessment (SFMA) can provide an accurate diagnosis of these two aspects. This can be especially beneficial if you are a patient who is experiencing chronic pain, due to its nature as an accurate analysis and unique ability to locate the source of discomfort. If you’re considering receiving this type of treatment from a chiropractor in Smithtown, then contact the many trained professionals at Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness. Our SFMA evaluation is one of the primary chiropractic services that we offer at our facility.

The major benefit of SFMA is that it can help your healthcare provider properly determine the most effective type of treatment plan for your specific injury. The assessment is essentially a precise diagnosis that is able to identify the connection between mobility versus motor skill ineffectiveness. These functions could be directly correlated to the discomfort being experienced by our patients. SFMA should be sufficient in revealing whether or not this is the case. In general, SFMA is able to identify certain limitations that seem to be the stimulant for the delivery of pain.

The procedure is circulated around 7 fundamental movement patterns and the idea of regional interdependence. This concept can help uncover how unrelated problems are the catalyst for causing the function and creating discomfort. It can be a systematic approach that focuses on “muscle memory” and locates that cause of pain. The repetitive assessment reveals what functions needed to be the primary focus of treatment. If you feel as though you’re experiencing frequent pain from ordinary movements, then this movement based diagnosis could be your source of relief.

Commonly, this pain is felt by athletes and other individuals who are constantly engaging in the aforementioned repetitive movements. If you meet this criterion for pain and occupation, then consider contacting a chiropractor in Smithtown at Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness. Our SFMA specialization can enlighten you on the source of your discomfort and give us better options for eventual treatment.




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