Kinesiotape for Athletes

Athletes constantly put their bodies at risk when playing their respective sports. Issues related to pain, soreness, and recovery can sideline athletes for who knows how long. That’s why Kinesio tape is so beneficial for any athlete looking to rehabilitate from any damage done to their body. Made of 100 percent latex-free elastic fibers, Kinesio tape lightly elevates the layer of skin and tissue covering the muscle so that the blood and other fluids from the body can move freely throughout the muscle. Kinesio tape offers many benefits for any athlete with an injury or tear. When you also take into account that a physical therapist in Smithtown or Selden can help you with your taping and give you exercises to properly recover and stay on top of your game.

The Benefits

Kinesio tape has many benefits that athletes should take into consideration when looking into different types of physical therapy:

  • Reduced swelling – while helping any athlete or person recovering from surgery and other inflammatory issues, the tape reduces the pressure off your lymphatic drainage channels, increasing the number of fluids being emitted from an injured area.
  • Pain reduction – as discussed previously, Kinesio tape can lift the skin, which takes some pressure off the pain receivers. Reduced pain is obviously a positive for any athlete experiencing soreness from a sport and can make recovery time quicker.
  • Relieves/prevents cramps – extremely beneficial to overused muscles, tape opens up circulation, which also increases the oxygen delivery around the body.  As a result, this reduces the chance of getting cramps or spasms.
  • Stay in the game – depending on how it was applied by a physical therapist in Smithtown, Kinesio tape helps prevent the over-contraction or overstretching of injured body parts. In addition to its pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits, taping can keep you playing or training without having to take time off.

If you’re an athlete experiencing soreness and muscle spasms, Kinesio tape can certainly help you recover from discomfort while also not having to take time off. However, an experienced professional should apply the tape to ensure the most efficient recovery process. At Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness, we offer countless services to get you rehabilitated as fast as possible.


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