Staying Healthy This Winter Sports Season

Maintaining your health during the duration of a winter sports season should be a necessary aspect of your regular athletic routine. Winter sports such as basketball, wrestling, hockey, and others can be strenuous on your body and require specific methods of strength training and stretching in order to combat injuries and discomfort. If you’re seeking health-related consultation, you can get yourself physical therapy in Selden at Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness. Our therapists are able to provide helpful tips and suggested workouts in order to keep yourself sturdy and ready for action. Whether you’re hitting the wrestling mats, gliding through the ice, sprinting down the hardwood, or any other winter-related activity, we got you covered.


Since the majority of winter sports are done indoors, it is essential that you dress properly for the activity.

  • When getting to practice, don’t casually wear shorts and other athletic gear as you enter the facility. While it’ll be warm inside, outside is still facing frigid temperatures.
  • Bring a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt/jacket for when you’re entering and exiting your game or practice. This goes for every winter sport, the weather is changing and you need to make the necessary adjustments in order to prevent yourself from getting sick.


Sports such as hockey and wrestling are highly physical and are common catalysts for injury. One common ailment that can be suffered from contact sports such as these are concussions. If you feel as though you’ve undergone a traumatic head injury, don’t hide it. Let your coach or athletic trainer know and allow them to institute a proper evaluation. Other ailments can obviously occur from these two physically demanding sports. In the case of wrestling, you need to manage your weight in order to effectively reach your desired weight class. But starving yourself is never the answer. Instead, consider a winter long diet plan that will help keep you in impeccable shape and ready to wrestle. By getting physical therapy in Selden at Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness, your therapist can provide nutritional tips that are common for most wrestlers.

Basketball may not be as physical as the aforementioned sports, but there’s no doubt that injury can still occur. Commonly, knee pain can appear due to the frequent jumping and landing that the sport demands. Your physical therapist can offer you strength training exercises for your legs that will help prevent knee injuries and other ailments from cropping up.

For more tips and information for health maintenance during the winter sports season, contact Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness, your local physical therapy practice in Selden.



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