Have you ever experienced a pinched nerve? A pinched nerve is when increased pressure leads to irritation or damage to a peripheral nerve resulting in an uncomfortable sensation of pain or numbness. A pinched nerve can also result in muscle weakness in the affected area or a tingling “pins and needles” sensation also known as paresthesia. It is important to get this looked at by a professional if the pain continues as it could result in a more serious problem. Here at Block Chiropractic Sports and Wellness, we provide pinched nerve treatment in Smithtown and Selden.

Treatment options for easing pinched nerves include:

Physical Therapy – A physical therapist, including the ones at Block Chiropractic Sports and Wellness, can instruct you on safe and proper stretching and exercising techniques.

Hot and cold therapy – Alternating the application of heat and cold can be effective in easing the pain of a pinched nerve.

There are many other ways to ease the pain of a pinched nerve, there are also many benefits that come with taking care of this discomfort. The benefits including being able to go back to your normal day to day activities without the pain and discomfort of a pinched nerve. We understand that extreme cases of pinched nerves can be debilitating.  

Here at Block Chiropractic Sports and Wellness, we offer treatment options like physical therapy, massage therapy, and more. If you have any questions about pinched nerves or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today at our Smithtown office at 631-543-0004, or our Selden office at 631-696-4371.


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