At Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness located in Smithtown and Selden, our goal is to teach our patients that health comes from within, rather than from outside intervention. We believe that staying healthy is the superior choice to seeking treatment once one becomes sick. As a result, we are here to relieve your pain and help you prevent future problems from affecting your life.

With locations In Smithtown and Selden, we are dedicated to treating our clients who are experiencing musculoskeletal pain. By assisting our clients in a 7 step series of diagnostic full-body movement tests, known as SFMA, we evaluate the client and come up with a personalized recovery plan.  

As a systematic approach, SFMA makes up the functional movement system and reteaches the brain beneficial movements while locating the cause of pain, rather than just the source. 

SFMA is a differential diagnosis that identifies mobility versus motor control dysfunctions which allows us to create a more effective treatment plan for our patients to reach a successful outcome. The overall goal of SFM is to recognize specific movement limitations that deliver pain.

SFMA focuses on:

  • Functional movement patterns
  • Training muscles to respond quicker
  • Navigating the musculoskeletal assessment when pain is present
  • A unique perspective for corrective exercise and pain reduction
  • Successfully screening the infinite movement patterns

At Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness, we stress that SFMA is not a biomechanical test nor a kinesiological test. While at the same time, we want our clients to know that it is not a test for strength, stability, or mobility. Rather, it is an exam for neuro-based movement. While it does incorporate mobility, muscle tension, joint range of motion, and vision, it moreover focuses on how these traits are analyzed and recovered. As a result, physical movement is improved.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please reach out to our staff at Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness in Selden or Smithtown. We look forward to hearing from you!

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