Hip Arthroplasty, more commonly known as hip replacement surgery, involves removing and replacing the damaged parts of your hip joint. Your new joint, a prosthesis, will help reduce your pain and improve mobility. If you suffer from chronic pain in your hip, a hip arthroplasty may be required. In addition to this, there are conditions that damage the hip joint and may also require this procedure. While surgery is found to be extremely helpful, physical therapy and chiropractic care afterward can speed up the recovery process.

Is pain in your hip preventing you from sitting, sleeping or walking up stairs? These symptoms are indicators that show you could benefit from hip arthroplasty. Others that should consider this procedure are individuals with osteoarthritis and suffer from a damaged slick cartilage or a part of the body crucial in helping your joints move smoothly. Rheumatoid arthritis- another condition that can harm your hip- can cause your joints to become deformed. Even with surgery, you will need to perform exercises to regain any mobility that was lost.

When it comes to exercising, working with a physical therapist certainly has its advantages. As opposed to being on your own, your physical therapist will walk you through each exercise you do and how it will assist with the recovery process. They understand underlying issues that can be causing you pain and know exercises to aid in that discomfort. In addition to exercises, your physical therapist will have you work on activities such as balancing and getting out of a seated position comfortably. Similarly, chiropractors can create a program for you to reduce pain and help train the mobility of the replaced hip! It is an excellent way to naturally reduce pain after the surgery.

If you are planning a hip arthroplasty or are recovering from one, come see us at Block Chiropractic Sports and Wellness. In order to provide the best patient experience possible, we conveniently work out of both Smithtown and Selden. Each location has both chiropractors and physical therapists all in one location. We encourage you to contact us today!


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