The worst thing you can do for a sports injury is an attempt to wait it out. Waiting out an injury leads to prolonged recuperation and unnecessary time off the field. Although waiting out an injury in the past may have seemed effective enough, each injury is very different. Depending on the depth and scope of the injury, patients can experience repeat injuries if they are not properly evaluated and treated. If enough time is not allocated for recovery, torn muscles or fractured bones can worsen even after the pain subsides.

Receiving proper assistance with rehabilitation for all injuries is highly recommended. It takes the right chiropractor or physical therapist to formulate a unique program tailored to you and your specific needs. This kind of customized regimen will promote a complete recovery by targeting all of the direct causes of pain. Stretching and working out the affected muscles will help build strength and mobility, minimizing your time off the field and even potentially upping your competitive edge on the field.

A chiropractor’s therapy is an extremely effective way to get back on the field post injury. After only one visit, patients can start to notice signs of relief! One of the many benefits of chiropractic care is that it serves as a proven alternative to controversial pain medication. This is the best way for an injured athlete to relieve pain naturally. Not only does this care tend to the current injury, but it also can help prevent future injuries.

Physical therapy, in addition to chiropractic care, can be very beneficial. Much like the chiropractor, a physical therapist creates unique programs for each patient. They too are able to relieve pain and discomfort, while increasing muscle strength to the appropriate areas in the process.

If you are looking to heal a sports injury, Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness is the right place for you. For our patients’ convenience, we have both chiropractors and physical therapists in both of our locations. Our office is full of highly experienced staff members that truly love helping their patients. For that reason, our doctors and physical therapists are the team doctors for Queens College, LIU Post, Stony Brook University and the New York Cosmos. While we do love helping our community’s athletes, our involvement ultimately generates the best experience to further help patients at any level! Don’t let an injury keep you from performing; call to schedule an appointment for one of our Selden or Smithtown locations today!