Following surgery or an injury, chiropractic care may be required to regain your original health and mobility. Finding the right chiropractor for you and your treatment is very important. It’s also important to remember that the chiropractor will be providing you a service, and if at anytime you feel you’re not receiving the best possible treatment, you can always switch practices.

Choosing a chiropractor isn’t difficult, but you should do some research before you make your first appointment. The first and most important thing to consider while choosing a chiropractor is the location.  Treatment is most commonly done three times per week for 6 weeks, and driving far for an appointment is not something you will enjoy. Some injuries and post-surgical chiropractic treatment programs may require more frequent visits, making it even more important that the chiropractor is nearby.

When you find a nearby practice in Selden or Smithtown, New York like ours, ask for a consultation meeting. You will be receiving close, personal treatment from the chiropractor, so it’s important they’re kind, courteous, and professional. Be sure to ask questions that will let you know they have experience. While there, see if you can have a tour and breakdown of the treatments you’ll be receiving. Take note of the cleanliness of the facility and whether patients are being actively treated or if there are long waits to see the chiropractor. You want to have a good idea of the atmosphere before you commit to treatment.

After you’ve narrowed down a few different practices nearby that offer the treatment you require, you have to consider how much it will cost. If you have a healthcare provider you intend to use, make sure the practice accepts the insurance before making an appointment.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your chiropractic care, contact us to make an appointment. We have two convenient locations on Long Island in Selden and Smithtown, specializing in several different services that will get you back to feeling normal.