Did you know that October is both National Physical Therapy Month and National Chiropractic Health Month? Here at Block Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, our multidisciplinary team is committed to educating patients on maintaining peak athletic performance for long-term health. One common injury that our team typically treats is ankle sprains. Have you ever tried to walk around on a sprained ankle? Those that have can attest to how difficult this can be to manage. Although this injury may heal in a few weeks with the use of physical therapy in Commack, depending on the severity of your sprain, it can be a long-road to recovery. If you’re an avid runner and want to prevent this from happening to you, our team at Block Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy is here to help. We’d like to share some of the best ways to prevent this type of injury, so you can stay running as long as possible.

What Is An Ankle Sprain? 

Before diving into how to prevent them, our team would like to inform you of exactly what an ankle sprain entails. Your ankle is a joint that is held together by fibrous connective tissues known as ligaments. Sprains occur when these ligaments get pushed too far past their normal range of motion. Most often, you’ll hear or feel a popping sensation when this takes place. Additional symptoms you may experience that require physical therapy in Commack to correct can be seen below:

  • Swelling.
  • Tenderness to the touch.
  • Inability to bear weight on the affected ankle.
  • Limited mobility.
  • Instability of the joint.

Wear Supportive Shoes   

One of the easiest ways to prevent ankle sprains while running is to wear shoes that offer proper support. When your ankles remain supported, there is less of a likelihood of you suffering from this type of injury. Our team would be happy to answer any questions regarding the types of running shoes you should look for, and doing so can help you avoid the need for sessions of Physical Therapy in Commack.

Run On Even Surfaces

An extremely beneficial factor regarding running is that it can be done anywhere. You can set up a treadmill inside, or just walk out your front door and create your running path. However, just because you can run anywhere doesn’t mean you should. The next time you go out for a run, we highly recommend sticking to paths that have a flat surface. When you begin to run on uneven surfaces, one misstep could mean a sprained ankle.

Additional Prevention Methods

At Block Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, we understand how important it is to keep our patients healthy. That is why we want to arm you with enough knowledge as possible to help stop you from dealing with ankle sprains in the future. Additional ways to keep your ankles healthy can include:

  • Improving your balance.
  • Strengthening your core and ankles.
  • Always stretch before going for a run.
  • Consider wearing a protective brace when running.
  • Schedule an appointment for Physical Therapy in Commack the moment you begin to feel ankle discomfort.

Contact Our Team

Even after being careful and working towards avoiding an ankle injury, they can still occur at any time. If you’re a runner who recently suffered an ankle injury, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. At Block Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, we will provide the sessions of physical therapy in Commack needed for you to make a full recovery. Contact us today!