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To put simply, what would you have to guess the cause of text neck is? Well, you probably guessed correct… texting! Along with texting, using your Ipad, your Kindle, and any other handheld device can cause text neck. Text neck is the term used that describes the neck pain and damage one has sustained by looking down and for too long at their mobile devices. It is very common for simple reasons… just like around you! Everyone nowadays has their head down while walking, texting or using social media on their smartphone.

Upper back pain, spasms in the back, and shoulder pain and tightness are all signs of text neck. Realistically, most people are going to have their cell-phones on them and they are going to be using them but there are certain tactics that you could use to prevent getting text neck:

  • Raise your mobile device to eye-level.
  • Take frequent breaks from your mobile-devices throughout the day.
  • Have good posture! Stand up straight.
  • Arch the neck and stretch your back frequently throughout the day.
  • Stay fit. Your muscles can handle more stress if you are fit.

Block Chiropractic Sports and Wellness offers many chiropractic and physical therapy services that specialize in sports care and its related pains. The doctors at Block Chiropractic are official team doctors for the Stony Brook’s Sea Wolves, the LIU Post’s Pioneers, the Queens College Knights, the New York Cosmos, and have years of experience treating sports injuries.

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