Do you consider yourself to be an avid yoga enthusiast? Then you need to think about pursuing yoga in Smithtown at Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness. Our primary yoga instructor, Jason Kenul, is able to utilize a wide range of yoga techniques that can give you just the right workout that you’ve been searching for. Combining yoga with chiropractic care and physical therapy can be an outstanding method of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Other benefits of engaging in the activity can include the following:


  • Improved flexibility – most people are initially drawn to yoga because of the promise of stretching out their tightened muscles. The improved flexibility that comes with the exercise can be highly beneficial for athletes and other individuals who struggle with flexibility problems.
  • Stress reduction – perhaps you’ve been under a lot of fire at work lately and need something to lighten your mood. Well, yoga can be your source of alleviation and provide you with an exceptional method for coping with stress. Don’t choose to live with stress, give yourself a chance for relief!
  • Increased muscle strength – weightlifting while beneficial isn’t the only matter on which you can build muscle. Yoga can also offer this benefit, allowing you to stretch out and build lean muscle.
  • Enhance athletic performance – at Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness, we pride ourselves on our ability to improve an athlete’s ability to perform on the field. Our yoga techniques are no exception, as the improved flexibility can be beneficial to any athlete.


By taking yoga in Smithtown from our instructor Jason Kenul, you will be able to learn from his deep understanding of the benefits that the practice can offer you. Jason initially began using yoga as a supplement to his other rigorous workout regimens. By incorporating the exercise into his daily workout routines, he was able to achieve improved athletic performance. He soon received his certification to teach yoga from The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and began spreading the techniques he learned about the practice to others. Jason is always excited about the potential to instruct others on the benefits that only yoga can ascertain.

If you’re interested in pursuing yoga in Smithtown or want to inquire about our other services, contact Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness today for more information.  


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