Suffolk County chiropractors Dr. Jeffrey Block, Dr. Richard Block and their professional team including Doctors of Physical Therapy are here to help you actively regain your health. At Block Sports Chiropractic & Physical Therapy you will discover that health comes from within, and it is the most valuable commodity we have. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

We help you recover from pain and injury and bring you to the highest levels of wellness through our natural, effective services:

Get Back in the Game

Our team specializes in caring for athletes and serves as the team chiropractors at Stony Brook University, LIU Post, Queens College and for the New York Cosmos soccer team. Whether you’re a young athlete participating in a sport at school or are a professional, we can help you return from injury or achieve your best performance yet.

Experience Better Function and Health

We’ve treated tens of thousands of patients of all ages in various stages of health. Over our many years of experience, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the impact the spine and nervous system have not only on the function of the body but the quality and longevity of your life. By addressing these important systems, you’ll get back the active life you seek to enjoy. Revitalize your life by scheduling a comprehensive first visit and let us determine how we may be able to help you. Convenient Saturday appointments are available!

Block Sports Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

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Suffolk County Sports Chiropractor

Block Sports Chiropractic & Physical Therapy chiropractors use adjustments, soft tissue work, specialized tables, postural correction and other tools to help you recover from pain and injury and bring you to the highest levels of wellness.

Active Release Technique

Every session starts with an examination and ends with an adjustment.

Active Release Technique, also known as ART,  is used to help turn back on your muscles that have been shut off due to previous injury and overused muscles.  ART requires specific protocols to reduce muscular pain. We provide a soft tissue therapy that will reduce joint stress and release tight muscles.

We will provide an examination to determine your problemed areas. Our team will be able to feel the scar tissue and be able to start the process to recovery.

Some of the problemed areas that ART treats are:

  • Sciatic
  • Shin Splints
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Headaches

ART has been proven to have a number benefits. Our team firmly believes that this technique can resolve problem areas quickly and permanently.

Cox Flexion-Distraction

Cox Flexion-Distraction also known as Cox Technic, focuses on naturally healing the spine without the aid from surgery. Cox Technic is a fairly quick relief from back and leg pain by realigning the spine.  Multiple benefits stem from Cox Technic such as improving range of motion in the joints and muscles, increase flexibility, decrease headaches and migraines, improves posture, and even be useful in treating neurological diseases.

Our team of doctors uses a special table that will help the traction of the spine. Our patients have been pleased with the procedure and find it extremely effective.

Graston TechniqueSports chiropractor in Suffolk County

Graston Technique is used to address problem scar tissue, fascial restrictions, and range of motion. This technique is unique as it uses a set of stainless steel hand instruments to create long-term effects is restoring your affected areas. In addition to using instruments to treat your condition, we work with you and create tailored exercises to practice to add to the recovery process.

The instruments our team uses are drawn over your skin to reduce scar tissue. Graston Technique has been a reliable technique for patients experiencing soft tissue fibrosis and chronic inflammation.

Graston Technique has multiple benefits, some including;

  • Decrease time of treatment
  • Faster rehabilitation/recovery
  • Reduced need for medication
  • Provides an efficient way to preserve range of motion
  • A permanent resolution of chronic conditions

Graston Technique has been extremely effective and has multiple benefits that will ensure you a high level of wellness. Our use of instruments and specific exercises designed for each individual patient has been a successful way to restore and improve muscle tone.

SFMA: Selective Functional Movement Assessment

A persistent education course that is intended for healthcare professionals that consistently treat their patients for musculoskeletal conditions throughout their life.

An organized, stable movement-based diagnosis used for patients encountering pain.

SFMA is a differential diagnosis that identifies mobility versus motor control dysfunctions which allows them to create a more effective treatment plan to reach a successful outcome.

Developed around 7 fundamental movement patterns and combines a concept known as regional interdependence which discovers how unrelated problems are causing dysfunction and triggering pain.

SFMA provides a more systematic approach to reteach the brain beneficial movements and locate the cause of pain, not just the source.

SFMA knows entirely where to target the treatments and is a structured, repeatable assessment.

The overall goal of SFM is to recognize specific movement limitations that deliver pain.

CBP:  Chiropractic Biophysics

A technique initially named by Dr. Donald Harrison, Deanne Harrison, and Daniel Murphy for “physics applied to biology in chiropractic.”

The potential for CBP is one of the leading researched techniques in Chiropractic care.

The goal of CBP is to highlight optimal posture and spinal alignment as the predominant objective of chiropractic care while concurrently noting developments in pain and functional based outcomes.

CBP is a variation of straight chiropractic to completely correct one’s posture

The uniqueness of CBP treatment is structural rehabilitation of the spine and posture

Overall, the objective of CBP treatments are:

  • Normal Front & Side View Posture
  • Normal Spinal Alignment
  • Normal Function
  • Improved Health & Symptom Improvements

Additional TherapiesSports Chiropractor in Suffolk County

Cold Laser Therapy  

Block Sports Chiropractic & Physical Therapy offers Cold Laser Therapy with our Vectra Genesys Transport Laser by Chattanooga. Cold Laser Therapy can be used on patients that suffer from chronic conditions and help speed up the healing process and relieve pain.

Cold Laser Therapy treats:

  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle Strain and Sprains
  • Knee Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Poor Blood Circulation

Electric Muscle Stimulation

Electric Muscle Stimulation, also known as EMS, is a way to train your muscles different from the way your workouts and exercise might. EMS is a form of electrotherapy that uses a small device to send electronic pulses to your nerve fibers. EMS stimulates specific muscles that will create involuntary muscle contractions. EMS is used to treat pain relief, reduce inflammation, avoid muscle atrophy, and lessen muscle spasm.

What does EMS feel like?

The treatment takes between 10-20 minutes. At first, you may feel a tingling sensation. This is from electrical impulses. As your body becomes more accustomed to the treatment the intensity of the treatment will increase for maximum effect.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Block Sports Chiropractic & Physical Therapy offers many techniques to treat the soft tissues of the body. Graston Techniques and Active Release Techniques are effective in treating a number of conditions that you may be suffering from.

Soft Tissue Therapy is successful in treating:

  • Back Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Groin Injuries
  • Headaches
  • Knee Problems
  • Muscle Injury
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Nerve Tension
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Sciatica
  • Shin Splints
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Tendon Injury
  • Tennis Elbow

Here at Block Sports Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, our team of doctors have seen successful results from these techniques. Our high level of chiropractic care has left patients leaving happy and pain free. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Can Chiropractic Care Improve Sports Performance?

If you’re an athlete, and you’re looking for a chiropractor in Suffolk County, you should consider the services that Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness can offer you. Our ability to maximize the potential out of any athlete is a skill that we take great pride in utilizing. The chiropractic techniques that we use at Block Chiropractic are specially designed to help improve your athletic ability, leading to greater performance on the field. By pursuing chiropractic care, you may potentially see progress in the following athletic areas: 

Reduced Wear & Tear

It’s no secret that being an athlete can deal a great amount of punishment to your body. Whether you play a contact sport like football or you’re wearing your legs out as a cyclist, being an athlete requires optimal performance from several different muscle groups throughout your body. Fortunately, chiropractic care is an outstanding way of maintaining this stress and keeping you physically dominant. By undergoing regular adjustments, you should see improved flexibility, which therefore will assist your athleticism. 

Treatment of Sports Related Injuries

Unfortunately, being an athlete can put you at risk for various injuries that may require an arduous rehabilitation process for recovery. If that is the case, you should consider using chiropractic care to get you back onto the field. Chiropractic techniques can get you feeling comfortable again after suffering an injury, helping to aid the healing process. Minor injuries can also be more easily avoided with chiropractic care. Spinal adjustments can potentially reduce irritation of the nerve roots between the vertebrae, which can help injuries to heal at a more rapid pace. 

Decreased Pain

Most athletes will tell you that what drives them is their motivation. This may lead you to decide to play through an injury, which can lead to several complications. Playing through an injury may put you at risk for greater harm, and it is not something that should be condoned. But dealing with pain is something that can be assisted with chiropractic care, allowing you to maintain peak physical performance. By reducing pain, your ability as an athlete should remain unharmed.

Contact Our Sports Chiropractor in Suffolk County

The team at Block Sports Chiropractic & Physical Therapy can help you recover from sports injuries with chiropractic care. We utilize different modalities to maximize your recovery and get you back on the field! Contact our sports chiropractor in Suffolk County if you need treatment today! We have locations in Smithtown and Selden, NY.

Nutritional Tips For Athletes

Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness is here to provide Sports Chiropractic in Suffolk County for all athletes! Our sports care specialists give our athletes the proper care needed regarding issues such as sports-related injuries, improving athletic performance, and nutritional tips for staying healthy during the season. Our team is more than knowledgeable on how athletes can perform to the best of their ability. As the team doctors for Queens College, LIU Post, Stony Brook University, we can’t harp enough the importance of taking care of your body from the inside out. Especially during your sports season.

Nutrition:sports chiropractic in Suffolk County

Eating right is very important regardless of if you are an athlete or not. But for those who do play sports, the levels of stress the body undergoes through athletics is why fueling the body with properly is essential.

  • Including many fruits and vegetables in your diet helps you maintain your high energy levels.
  • Carbohydrates are an athlete’s main fuel. The body changes them to glucose and stores it in your muscles as glycogen.
  • Eating plenty of protein in your meals helps you maintain your muscle mass and improve your recovery time.
  • Getting plenty of sleep will help with digesting the protein.
  • Electrolytes help transmit nerve signals in your body. Replenish your body with electrolytes after a workout, game, or practice to avoid dehydration.

While nutrition should be an important priority for athletes, it should not become a cause of stress. Do not stress too hard about whether or not you are eating the “correct” way or not. Treat your body with the nutritional, clean food it deserves and that is your answer! With our Sports Chiropractic in Suffolk County, you can tell us about your current diet and exercise lifestyle, and we will show you how you can improve it without necessarily having to change it entirely.

Contact Our Sports Chiropractor in Suffolk County Today!

Looking for Sports Chiropractic in Suffolk County? No matter what sport you play or how old you are, we will inform you of what nutritional tips are best for your lifestyle and sport. Contact us today to make an appointment!

Preventing Golf Injuries

Golfing is a great way to stay active for people of all ages. However, one side effect can be back pain. If you are looking for a way to treat your back pain or learn how you can prevent it, physical therapy is the answer. At Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness, we provide Sports Chiropractor in Suffolk County and can help make sure that back pain doesn’t affect your golf game.

What causes back pain?

Golf is a game that involves a lot of movement of the upper body and specifically requires a lot of force and quick twists. As a result of this movement, it can cause pain in a number of places throughout the body, the back is one of them. Since golf requires the twisting of your body to hit a golf ball is can place an uncomfortable amount of stress and tension on your back, and doing this over and over again can lead to back pain either during your round or after you’ve finished. 

How to prevent it:

  • Warm up- By warming up before your round you can slowly adjust your body to how the amount of twisting and swinging you will be doing. It is best to start off taking nice and easy swings and gradually work your way up to your normal swing.
  • Stretch- Stretching is extremely important when looking to prevent back pain. Making sure that your back is loose and ready for the day ahead is a great way to prevent any back pain from flaring up when on the course. You can pick stretches that are great for back pain and also mimic some of the motions that you will be using when golfing. At Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness, we offer Sports Chiropractor in Suffolk County and can show you stretches that will help treat your back pain.
  • Choose the right golf bag- Picking a bag that is easy to pick up and is not too heavy is a great way to prevent back pain. If your golf bag requires you to constantly bend over and pick it up every time you hit, it can lead to back pain over time. If you are in this situation try to use a cart or a bag that comes with a stand. 

How Physical therapy can help?

If you find that back pain is preventing you from going out and golfing, physical therapy can help. Our physical therapists can help diagnose the exact reason for your back pain, and be able to work with you to provide treatment so that you can get back to golfing pain free. At Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness our physical therapists provide expert knowledge on which stretches and exercises will be able to provide you relief from your back pain and also how you can make sure that you don’t have to suffer from it anymore. If you are looking for Sports Chiropractor in Suffolk County, make sure to contact Block Chiropractic Sports & Wellness.