When an individual has good posture, their ears are positioned directly above the shoulders, with the chest open and shoulders pinched back. When the head is naturally positioned in this way, the weight is balanced and this minimizes stress on the neck. Bad posture can mean when an individual’s neck slants forward and the head is placed further in front of the shoulders rather than above the head directly. Are you looking for a chiropractor in Smithtown? Give us a call today if you are struggling with poor posture and neck pain.

What Can Bad Posture Lead To?

Increased stress on the soft tissues in the neck

  • When bad posture ensues, the head is held forward, putting a lot of pressure on the cervical spine, forcing it to carry more weight than it is built to hold.  

Hyperextension and hyperflexion

  • When the vertebrae are tilted too far forward, it causes the lower cervical spine to go into hyperflexion. When this happens, the upper cervical spine does the opposite and goes into hyperextension. With this constant fluctuation in spinal movement, it causes the spine and nearby nerve roots to stretch out.

Overworking muscles

  • Muscles in the surrounding neck and upper back area must work harder to compensate for the pull of gravity on the head when it is moved forward. This can cause these muscles to become more at risk for spasms and strains.

Hunched upper back

  • When the head is tilted forward this can lead to the shoulders and upper back to be rounded as well. This can eventually lead to more pain in the upper back, shoulders, and neck.  

Tips To Prevent Neck Pain

  • Make sure your computer is at eye level – this allows you to avoid hunching.
  • Avoid neck strain from texting – this can lead to added stress on the neck and lead to early degenerative changes in your neck.
  • Exercise and stretch your neck – by keeping your neck muscles strong it can prevent slouching of the head over the shoulders. You can do simple exercises in short sets throughout the day.
  • Carry weight evenly – carrying a bag on one side of your body can result in a strain on the muscles.
  • Maintain good posture – keep your chin tucked in above the head to prevent slouching and pressure on your neck.

Chiropractor in Smithtown

Neck pain can be a painful ailment in one’s life and can slow you down in everyday activities.  Bad posture along with other factors can attribute to bad neck pain. Following simple tips for changing your lifestyle habits as well as seeking out chiropractic care can help you to reduce neck pain in your life. If you are seeking a chiropractor in Smithtown, contact Block Chiropractic & Sports Physical Therapy today. We have years of experience in dealing with patients who suffer from various complaints and we are trained to ensure you make a healthy recovery.  Come in for a visit today!