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Selden chiropractors Dr. Jeffrey Block, Dr. Richard Block and their professional team including Doctors of Physical Therapy are here to help you actively regain your health. At Block Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, you will discover that health comes from within and is the most valuable commodity we have. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” We’ve got you covered if you need No Fault Doctors in Selden NY.

We help you recover from pain and injury and bring you to the highest levels of wellness through our natural, effective services:

Get Back in the Game

Our team specializes in caring for athletes and serves as the team chiropractors at Stony Brook University, LIU Post, Queens College and for the New York Cosmos soccer team. Whether you’re a young athlete participating in a school or a professional sport, we can help you return from injury or achieve your best performance.

Experience Better Function and Health

We’ve treated tens of thousands of patients of all ages in various stages of health. Over our many years of experience, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the impact the spine and nervous system have not only on the function of the body but the quality and longevity of your life. By addressing these important systems, you’ll get back the active life you seek to enjoy. Revitalize your life by scheduling a comprehensive first visit and let us determine how we may be able to help you. Convenient Saturday appointments are available!

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Physical Therapy
Chiropractic Care
Sports Care
Active Release Technique
Cox Flexion Distraction
Speed & Agility Training

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    Block Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

    No Fault Doctors in Selden NY


    About Us

    Dr. Jeffrey Block founded Block Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy in Smithtown in 1993. He soon opened a second location in Selden, intended for his brother Dr. Richard Block, who was getting ready to graduate from chiropractic college and join his brother in practice. Since then, Dr. Jeff has switched to the Selden office and Dr. Rick works out of our Smithtown location. We work with physical therapists to offer our communities a complete healing experience.

    Healing From the Inside Out

    Our goal is to teach people that health comes from within, rather than from outside intervention. Staying healthy is the superior choice to seeking treatment once you’re sick. Therefore, we’re here to get you out of pain and help you prevent future problems from affecting your life.

    Determining Your Specific Needs

    The practitioners at both of our locations are trained in different areas and provide a range of complementary services. Our first goal is to figure out why problems exist in your body. Then, if we determine that we can help you, we’ll discuss the options you have to regain your health. Rather than just focusing on making you feel better, we address the cause of your pain. The patients we see are often seeking help for:

    • Family health
    • Geriatric health
    • No-fault injury
    • Pain management
    • Sports injury
    • Weight issues
    • Workers’ compensation
    • And much more!

    Recovering From A No Fault Car Accident

    Did you recently get into a car accident? When you are involved in a no-fault car accident, it not only causes damage to your vehicle but also to your body. The amount of force applied during a collision can be detrimental. It is important that you seek immediate medical treatment following a car accident to ensure that potential injuries aren’t left untreated. Chiropractic care is a great option for treating your car accident injuries. At Block Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, we have a No Fault Doctors in Selden NY who can treat your specific injury and help you on your journey to recovery!

    Common No-Fault Car Accident Injuries No Fault Doctors in Selden NY

    After a car accident, you may sustain various injuries, depending on the severity of the collision. Certain factors can affect the extent of your injuries, such as the part of the vehicle that was hit, whether it was a high-speed or low-speed collision, or whether or not a seat belt was worn. Over 3 million people are injured in car accidents each year. Some of the most common no-fault car accident injuries include:

    • Whiplash: This type of injury typically occurs after a rear-end collision. It is a result of the forceful back and forth movement of your neck, which causes your muscles to strain or tear. You may experience headaches, neck pain, and a loss of range of motion in your neck. The onset of these symptoms could be immediate or can develop within a few days after the accident. It is possible to get better after a few weeks of treatment. However, some people could experience chronic pain and other long-term complications.
    • Head Injuries: A head injury is any damage to your scalp, brain, or skull. Skull fractures and concussions are examples of head injuries. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury and one of the most common types of auto-accident-related injuries. It can be a result of whiplash, where your head and brain shake quickly back and forth. This could result in a loss of consciousness, memory loss, balance problems, or headaches. Symptoms can present immediately following the accident or can take up to several months to appear.
    • Back Injuries: Spinal fractures can also be a result of a car accident. A fracture, or broken bone, will typically cause severe pain at the injury site. Additional symptoms are determined by the type of fracture that you sustained but may include nerve damage, numbness, or muscle weakness.
    • Bruised ribs: When you experience trauma to your chest from a car accident, you could potentially bruise or fracture your ribs. One of the main symptoms is chest pain, along with swelling, tenderness, and visible bruising.


    What Is A No Fault Doctors in Selden NY

    Chiropractors are licensed medical professionals who focus on their patients’ neuromusculoskeletal system, including the nerves, muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments. To do this, they use instruments or their hands to manually adjust your spine and other various parts of your body.  Chiropractic care is typically sought after to treat conditions such as:

    • Back pain
    • Neck pain
    • Leg pain
    • Headaches

    It can be beneficial for you to visit Block Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy for treatment after your accident. Our highly experienced No Fault Doctors in Selden NY will initially assess your condition to determine the best treatment plan for you. We offer spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and postural corrections. Cold laser therapy and electric muscle stimulation may also be included in your treatment to aid in the healing process. Some benefits of our chiropractic care include:

    • Improved joint function
    • Improved spinal alignment 
    • Reduced pain 
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Reduced scar tissue
    • Restored range of motion

    No Fault Doctors in Selden NY

    If you or someone you may know suffers from a no-fault car accident injury and is currently seeking treatment, then contact us at Block Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy! If you would like additional information about our No Fault Doctors in Selden NY, check our website.

    No-Fault accidents

    Whether you or a loved one has ever been in a car accident, it’s important to assess the fault, especially in a state like New York, where no-fault accidents are commonplace. These types of accidents are exactly what they sound like. A perpetrator of the accident takes most of the blame, which is essential information for the victim’s insurance and perpetrator of the accident. These types of accidents make sure regardless of who may have caused the accident, and their insurance company will reimburse the insureds who are involved based on the parameters of the case. There is a nuance associated with what can directly count in insurance companies’ eyes that can count as No-Fault.No Fault Doctors in Selden NY

    The amount of care needed after an auto accident depends on the accident’s severity. When it comes to moderate and severe accidents, a distinct level of care needs to be provided to ensure the recovery quality after the accident. Auto accidents can be serious, but more importantly, they can disrupt life and the quality of life for the people involved in the accidents. That’s why we deliver quality No Fault Doctors in Selden NY to all of our local patrons. Our response to the pain made apparent by an auto accident is quick and efficient by our experienced specialists. We love providing our patients peace of mind after a whirlwind of events that can spawn after any kind of accident, including No-fault accidents. 

    Things To Keep In Mind

    Now there are a couple of things that are needed to be kept in mind when trying to recover from certain injuries caused by auto accidents, including what those injuries are, how they may be treated, and how we show our patients how to recover from one of these accidents properly. Our No Fault Doctors in Selden NY is a holistic and safe process as we take the necessary precautions to see our patrons grow into their recovery safely while providing quality care. That being said, our specialists recommend that we first take a look at how fault auto accidents can injure the body:

    • Whiplash – one of the most common injuries in almost any moderate to a severe auto accident is whiplash. Whiplash is the typical injury involved with the muscles, tendons, and ligaments and is usually associated with rear-end auto collisions.
    • Concussion and Brain trauma – Sudden force when applied in an auto accident is usually the cause of auto accident-related head trauma. When there is any sign of brain trauma, you must contact a professional care center like our No Fault Doctors in Selden NY.
    • Herniated Discs and Spinal Injuries: Spinal Injuries are some of the most important injuries to diagnose and treat early due to their ability to alter movement and pain response for the victim. Nerve pain and numbness are all associated with spinal injuries that involved car accidents.

    Treating No-Fault Auto Accident Injuries

    Some of the best reasons to get physical therapy after you or a loved ones’ auto accident are because of physical therapy’s ability to efficiently stabilize and deliver care that sees results in a matter of weeks after the cause of the injury. Physical Therapy offers care in the form of mobilization of joints, decreasing scar tissue, reducing inflammation in various areas of the body, and customized exercise routines that allow muscles to strengthen and pick up the slack of injured muscles for safer recovery. For more information on how you or a loved one can receive our quality No Fault Doctors in Selden NY, visit our website today!

    What States are No-Fault?

    While many states are at-fault states, there are quite a few that are no-fault. These states are New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Kentucky, Hawaii, Kansas, Florida, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Utah. Some of these states allow a motorist to choose whether they want to purchase a no-fault policy or a traditional tort policy. 

    No-Fault vs. Traditional Tort

    As stated before, a no-fault accident is where you are injured, and your policy covers your medical costs at medical practices like Block Sports, a provider of No Fault Doctors in Selden NY. But, what is the alternative to this?  Traditional Tort coverage allows the victim in a car accident to sue the other party directly for pain and suffering, medical bills, and property damage. Most states in the United States follow this type of system.

    Common No-Fault Accident Injuries

    As with all accidents, there can be several different types of injuries with varying degrees of severity. Many can be treated with no-fault physical therapy in Hauppauge. Here are some of the most common no-fault accident injuries:No Fault Doctors in Selden NY

    • Brain trauma
    • Spinal Cord damage
    • Muscle and Bone sprains, breaks, and fractures
    • Neck injury and whiplash

    How Do No-Fault Injuries Get Treated?

    At Block Sports, we offer No Fault Doctors in Selden NY. We employ various techniques to treat your no-fault accident injuries. Here are some ways we treat common car accident injuries:

    • Exercising the affected area can promote blood flow, improving circulation and allowing the injured area to heal faster by supplying it with more oxygen. 
    • Medications such as ibuprofen or naproxen can relieve pain while also reducing inflammation. This will relieve pressure on the injured area, promoting faster healing.
    • Cold laser therapy is used for chronic conditions and to relieve pain. It stimulated the affected area, improving circulation while also relieving inflammation. Similar to ibuprofen and naproxen, reducing inflammation relieves pressure in the affected area. This promotes a faster healing time.

    When Should I Visit a Physical Therapist?

    When you are in a car accident, it is always a good idea to visit a medical practice to make sure you do not have injuries you might not have noticed. You should also visit a provider of No Fault Doctors in Selden NY if you develop any pain or soreness following an automobile accident, as this can be a sign that you have an injury. By treating an injury early, you will make sure you can reduce further injury and also improve healing time. This will also give you the best chance of restoring full use of the affected area. 

    Block Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

    At Block Sports, a provider of No Fault Doctors in Selden NY, we have many skilled physical therapists, and chiropractors who are highly skilled in treating no-fault automobile injuries. We employ the latest techniques and treatment options to offer our patients speedy healing times, pain management and restore the injured area to its full ability before the automobile accident. As a provider of No Fault Doctors in Selden NY, we deal with no-fault insurance regularly. We will ensure the process from start to finish is as easy as possible so you can focus on your recovery and not worry about handling insurance and billing issues.