October is National Physical Therapy Month!

At Block Chiropractic and Sports Physical Therapy, we want to acknowledge the many benefits of physical therapy. Believe it or not, people succumb to surgery over physical therapy, as they believe it’s a quick fix and a more effective approach to tackling the problem. However, physical therapy as a non-invasive treatment option is most doctors first course of action, offering various benefits that are just as effective than other treatment options. It’s more than a way to improve mobility and minimize pain, and this is why:

1.PT can help avoid surgery

Sometimes surgery is the only option, and in that case, it’s completely unavoidable. Other times it is avoidable, and physical therapy aids in that sense. Physical therapy can facilitate mobility, as well as help heal injured tissue, thus eliminate the need for surgery. In the case that you’ve already undergone surgery, physical therapy can shorten the recovery process and get you into better shape post-surgery.

2. PT can help with age-related problems

With age, we may develop conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Not only can physical therapy help manage these conditions, but it can alleviate the pain associated with them. It’s a safer, more conservative approach that gives older patients a less traumatic alternative to surgery. In the case that you’ve recently gotten a hip, knee or joint replacement, physical therapy can also aid in post-surgery recovery.

3. PT can help you avoid depending on pain medication

Although medication can be necessary during post-surgical rehab, dependence should not be. Physical therapy can help reduce the risk of dependence on medication (mainly opioids). It’s a safe alternative to address the pain first-hand rather than masking it.

4. PT can help those recovering from a stroke

Physical therapy can help strengthen weakened muscles, improve posture, and balance, as well as help individuals become more independent post-stroke.

5. PT can prevent the potential for injury

Physical therapy involves assessing the weak areas of your body and creating a plan to help strengthen those vulnerable points. By recognizing weakness points, our physical therapist can analyze your bodily condition in order to ascertain the likelihood of future injuries as well as create a personalized exercise plan that targets and strengthens weak muscle groups and joints.

Listed above are only five of the many key benefits of physical therapy. At Block Chiropractic and Sports Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are former Division 1 athletes; we understand the toll injury takes on the body. That is why we individualize each program to help you recover as quickly and efficiently as possible.