Medial Epicondylitis Physical Therapy

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Treating Medial Epicondylitis

Medial epicondylitis, also known as “golfer’s elbow,” is a type of tendonitis that affects the inside of the elbow. This condition develops where tendons in the forearm muscle connect to the bony part of the inside of the elbow. This condition can create discomfort and pain on the inside of the elbow. Physical therapy is a great way to decrease the pain and improve the elbow’s motion, strength, and function. If you are interested in medial epicondylitis physical therapy, contact Block Sports Chiropractic & Physical Therapy today! Our team will examine the injury to determine the most efficient treatment plan for you. 

How Does Medial Epicondylitis Develop?Medial Epicondylitis Physical Therapy

Medial epicondylitis develops in the elbow when the tendons inside the forearm become irritated and inflamed due to repetitive use. This condition commonly develops in people who perform repetitive motions with their hands, wrist, forearm, and elbow. Some common activities that increase the chances of developing medial epicondylitis are golf, tennis, baseball, and sports that involve throwing or gripping. The repetitive motions create damage to the tendons. 

What Are the Symptoms of Medial Epicondylitis?

The symptoms of this condition can develop over time or occur suddenly. It is essential to treat the symptoms once you start experiencing them, to prevent further worsening injury. The most common symptoms of medial epicondylitis are pain on the inside of the elbow, elbow stiffness, tenderness to touch and swelling, weak grip, difficulty moving the elbow, and tingling sensation in the fingers. 

How is Medial Epicondylitis Diagnosed?

If you are experiencing symptoms of medial epicondylitis, a doctor can get a diagnosis by performing a physical examination. A doctor will most likely ask about your daily physical activities to determine the cause. In some situations, the doctor may take an X-ray of the arm as part of the evaluation.

How To Treat Medial Epicondylitis?

There are various treatment options for medial epicondylitis, depending on the severity of the pain. Some treatment options include:

  • Rest the arm
  • Apply ice, or a cold compress
  • Medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Wear a brace

How To Prevent Medial Epicondylitis?

Medial epicondylitis can develop in anyone, so a few ways to avoid the condition are: 

  • Stretch before exercising/ physical activity – Stretching can help prepare your body for physical activity and prevent injury. It is also important to stretch after working out.
  • Use proper form during physical activities – Improper form during physical activities can add extra stress to your body. Ensure proper technique by working with a professional trainer.
  • Build arm strength – A strong arm can decrease the chances of developing medial epicondylitis. The arm will be strong enough to resist the motions. 
  • Stop a workout when you start to feel pain – It is important to know your limits. If you continue to workout with pain, it can develop an injury and cause harm.

Where To Treat Medial Epicondylitis?

If your symptoms of medial epicondylitis are worsening, visit Block Sports Chiropractic & Physical Therapy. Physical therapy can help heal and relieve the pain in your elbow. Our team can evaluate your elbow to create the optimal treatment plan for you! Contact us to start medial epicondylitis physical therapy today!