Massage Therapy in Smithtown and Selden

Massage therapy may be a relaxing way to pamper yourself but is vital for a variety of conditions and ailments.  While chiropractic practices focus on the spine and the nervous system itself, the main purpose of massage is to relax the muscles.  Massage is a proven therapy that works to relieve the discomfort in a muscle after any type of activity.  Both of these methods are required for the body to restore wellness and balance to the body.  Chiropractic adjustments help you stay aligned, while massage can help soothe out the tension and pain in all of the 650 muscles in the body.  Massage therapy also helps blood circulation throughout the body and increases serotonin levels in the brain.  These two forms of bodywork are both natural, non-surgical and do not require any medication, although massage has been proven to work as well as any NSAID on the market.  

If spinal pain is left ignored, over time, it can cause worse complications.  The spine is the lifeline of the body, as it sends messages from the brain to the rest of the body to make movements or perform any basic function.  One part of recovery from pain is returning to normalcy is retraining your spine in ways of overall movement and posture.  Posture makes a huge impact on the balance and alignment of the body.  This can determine whether or not how many sessions a patient will need.  If it is suffering any type of pain or discomfort, action is needed right away.  By combining massage and chiropractic care the spine, muscles and nervous system will be rejuvenated and wellness will be restored.  Many patients think they can choose just one treatment between chiropractic and massage therapy, when in truth they need both to make a full recovery.